Zhou Bao

Zhou Bao known as Bao to his friends, lives in Shanghai China, the world’s most populated city. Bao enjoys taking his blind grandfather for walks around the old port area of Shanghai where his grandfather used to work on the docks. On one of these walks Bao and his grandfather are chased by 2 men who turn out to be Light Killers from the world of Turmali. Bao’s grandfather and his friend, Mr Xing, explain to Bao how they have been guarding a special Tourmaline gemstone, which is what the 2 men were after. They tell Bao that it is now his turn to be guardian of the stone, which leads Bao to have many adventures on the seven lands that make up the world of Turmali. Read how Bao becomes one of the Light Savers and how he becomes determined to help the people of Turmali defeat the Light Killers who are set upon destroying this wonderful world.

There are 5 Bao stories in this book with 327 pages, with 45 full colour illustrations that bring the Bao stories to life.

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