Tebogo Mogomotsi

Tebogo lives in Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa, but he sometimes travels to the country to help his grandfather with his cattle. Tebogo has never been a good student and is often in trouble. After one day being sat outside the Headmaster’s study, waiting to be told off once again, Tebogo is approached by an old man who gives him a pouch containiing three tourmaline gemstones. The old man urges Tebogo to make more of his life and do some good. The Tourmaline gemstones lead Tebogo on a whirlwind series of adventures to the world of Turmali where he becomes a Light Saver and determined to help defeat the alien invaders, The Light Killers who are trying to destroy this perfect world.

This book has 5 Tebogo stories and 286 pages, with 45 full colour illustrations that bring the Tebogo stories to life.

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