Renata Souza

Renata’s mother is a fashion designer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her father runs a hotel in Santos, which is on the coast. Renata is a strong swimmer and on one of her trips to visit her father she saves the life of an old lady who gets into difficulty while swimming in the sea. The old lady gives Renata a red Tourmaline gemstone, but warns her it has special powers.  As you read these stories about Renata you will learn all about her family, her life in Brazil and how she became one of the Light Savers. Renata is whisked away to the world of Turmali where she finds their seven lands are being destroyed by alien invaders. Renata is determined to help to save this magical world and has many exciting adventures, and dangerous encounters with the Light Killer invaders as she tries desperately to help the Turmali people.

This first volume of 5 stories about Renata has 315 pages with 45 full colour illustration, that bring the stories to life.

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