Zhou Bao ‘Volume1’ (5 Stories)


Zhou Bao, known as Bao to his friends, lives in Shanghai, the largest city in China. Bao likes to spend a lot of time with his elderly grandfather who is blind. Bao often takes him to the dockland area of Shanghai, where his grandfather used to work. Bao loves to listen to the many stories his grandfather tells him about the ‘olden days’. On one of these visits they have an encounter with two evil people, who turn out to be Light Killers from the world of Turmali. This book contains the first five stories about Bao, how he became a Light Saver and some of the exciting adventures he has as he travels to the mystical world of Turmali to help their people as they try to defeat the invading Light Killers.

This book has five different stories with a total of 329 pages and 45 colour illustrations that really bring them to life.