Tang Jing-Wei ‘Volume 1’ (5 Stories)


Tang Jing-Wei (known as Jing-Wei) lives in a village outside of Gulin in the province of Guangxi in South East China. In these first 5 Jing-Wei stories you will read all about her family life, how she is an expert gymnast and how a chance encounter in a local park leads her to the magical world of Turmali. Jing-Wei has many exciting adventures as she sets out to help the people of Turmali to try and repel the invading aliens, known as the Light Killers. See how Jing-Wei becomes one of the Light Savers and comes to love this magical world.

The first 5 stories about Jing-Wei are told in 233 pages and the 45 full colour illustrations really bring the stories to life.