Jai Gupta ‘Volume 1’ (5 Stories)


Jai Gupta lives in Mumbai the city in India with the largest population, with around 12 million people. This book contains the first 5 stories about Jai and how he became a Light Saver, about his life in Mumbai and his exciting travels and adventures in the magical 7 lands that make up the world of Turmali. Jai’s adventures lead to him meeting other Light Saver characters as they try to save the world of Turmali and its people from the hateful invading Light Killers. Turmali has become dark and the lands isolated as the invading Light Killers steal away the Tourmaline gemstones and destroy the power to the Rainbow Bridges that connect each of the lands.

With a total of 295 pages and 45 colour illustrations you can’t help but be spellbound as you read each exciting adventure.

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