IKE ‘Volume 1’ (5 Stories.)


IKE is a quirky robot who was previously programmed by the Light Killers to seek out Tourmaline gemstones for them. The Light Killers as they became known by the Turmali people, arrived from a distant dark galaxy to steal away the Tourmaline gemstones that powered their Rainbow Bridges. As the Tourmalines were stolen away the Rainbows disappeared and the 7 lands of Turmali and the people on them became isolated and dark. In this book of 5 stories you will find out how IKE the robot got his name, how he became one of the 13 Light Savers and how he helps each of the Light Savers and the people of Turmali in their fight to repel the alien invaders.

333 pages and 45 magnificent colour ilustrations bring each story to life and makes each adventure even more exciting.