Harry Johnson ‘Volume 1’ (5 Stories)


Harry Johnson is a cheeky, happy-go-lucky boy from Manchester England. Harry dreams of one day becoming an architect so he can design better places than where he lives. On a trip through the local University grounds Harry has an encounter with a strange Gargoyle that turns out to be a Light Killer from Turmali. In these first 5 stories about Harry you will find out how he became a Light Saver; about his exploits in the magical world of Turmali, and how he helps the people of Turmali who are trying to defeat the invading Light Killers. There is lots to learn about the 7 lands that make up the world of Turmali and many interesting characters to discover along the way.

The 5 stories are made up of 302 pages of exciting adventures with 45 amazing illustrations that bring the stories to life.

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