Mercy Jelimo

Mercy lives in ‘Old Town’ in Mombasa, Kenya, in Africa. Mercy loves to play the guitar and writes her own songs. FInd out all about Mercy, her family and home-life and how she becomes one of the Light Savers. Mercy’s Aunt has left her a bag of gemstones which she finds are Tourmaline stones. After a nasty encounter with two horrible men near the port, Mercy discovers the men are trying to get the gemstones she has been left, and the men are in fact Light Killers from the world of Turmali. In this first volume of stories Mercy gets to travel across rainbows to the seven lands of Turmali where she is determined to help the local people defend their world from the invading Light Killers.

This book of 5 Mercy stories has 289 pages and 45 full colour illustrations, bringing the stories to life.

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