Meena Shukla

Meena lives in New Delhi the Capital City of India. She volunteers at a centre for street children. In this first volume of Meena stories you will learn all about Meena, her family and home life and about her culture. You will discover how Meena becomes one of the Light Savers and how she is determined to help the people of Turmali defend their world from the Light Killer invaders. Meena helps out at a shelter for the poor and homeless children in New Delhi on one of her visits she finds one child is really ill. Meena begs her Mother, a doctor, to help the child and Meena receives a magical Tourmaline gemstone as a reward for saving the young girls life. Meena finds herself transported to the world of Turmali where she has many exciting and dangerous adventures helping to fend off the alien invaders.

This book has 5 Meena stories and has 299 pages with 45 pages with full colour illustrations.

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