Abigail Turner

Abigail lives in Lantana Florida USA. She enjoys spending time with her friend Carlos Ramirez.

Carlos Ramirez

Laid-back Carlos also lives in Lantana, Florida in the USA. His best friend is Abigail Turner.

Emma King

Emma lives in Chelsea, London, in the UK. She befriends an old, homeless couple.

Harry Johnson

Harry live in a small flat in a high rise apartment in the centre of Manchester, England.

IKE The Light Saver Robot

IKE used to search for Tourmaline gemstones for the Light Killers, but is now helping the Light Savers.

Jai Gupta

Jai lives in Mumbai the largest city in India. He loves to play cricket.

Meena Shukla

Meena lives in New Delhi the Capital City of India. She volunteers at a centre for street children.

Mercy Jelimo

Mercy lives in 'Old Town' in Mombasa, Kenya, in Africa. Mercy loves to play the guitar.

Renata Souza

Renata's mother is a fashion designer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her father runs a hotel in Santos.

Ricardo da Silva

Street-wise Ricardo lives in Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil, which is located in Rio de Janeiro.

Tang Jing-Wei

Jing-Wei is a talented gymnast. She lives in a village near Guilin in the Guangxi province of China.

Tebogo Mogomotsi

Tebogo lives in Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa, but he sometimes travels to the country to help his grandfather.

Zhou Bao

Zhou Bao known as Bao to his friends, lives in Shanghai China, the world's most populated city.

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