IKE The Light Saver Robot

IKE used to search for Tourmaline gemstones for the Light Killers, but is now helping the Light Savers. In this first volume of 5 stories about IKE you will find out how the robot changed form being part of the Light Killer army to one of the Light Savers. In a strange twist of fate the robot is saved from being left to rust away by the Light Killers, by a chance encounter with a young girl on the land of Album, one of the seven lands of Turmali. IKE has many adventures in the world of Turmali and beyond, in an effort to repel the Light Killers who are determined to hide away the Tourmaline gemstones that power this world. You will be amazed and enchanted by IKE, who may become one of your favourite Light Saver characters.

This book has 5 stories about IKE it has 333 pages with 45 pages illustrated in full colour.

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