Harry Johnson

Harry live in a small flat in a high rise apartment in the centre of Manchester, England. Harry spends much of his spare time visiting many of the impressive buildings in his home city. Living in a small high-rise flat with his brother and parents, Harry dreams of one day, becoming an architect and creating better places for people to live than boring apartments like his. On one of his trips through the local University grounds, Harry meets an old man with a dog, who turns out to be far more than he seems. After a chance meeting with a nasty Gargoyle Harry finds himself flying through the air in the old man’s car. Harry is transported to the land of Album, one of the seven lands that make up the world of Turmali. In these first 5 stories about Harry, you will find out how he becomes one of the Light Savers and how he is taught many new skills by the people he meets on these lands. The exciting adventures that follow show how Harry’s courage and strength are tested as he encounters Light Killers who are determined to destroy the wonderful lands of Turmali.

This book has 5 Harry stories and has 302 pages and 45 pages with full colour illustrations.

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