Carlos Ramirez

Laid-back Carlos also lives in Lantana, Florida in the USA. His best friend is Abigail Turner. Carlos finds himself helping to save the life of their school bus driver on a journey home, as a reward he is given a Tourmaline gemstone with amazing magical powers. Carlos soon finds himself being transported across a rainbow to the world of Turmali. Find out how Carlos becomes a Light Saver and about his exciting adventures helping the Turmali people to defend their seven lands from the alien invaders, ‘The Light Killers’. In this volume of 5 stories you will learn much about Carlos himself, his background and about his encounters with the Light Killers on his visits to the seven lands that make up the world of Turmali.  We promise you an exciting series of stories, you won’t be disappointed.

This book has 5 Carlos stories with 234 pages and 45 full colour illustrations that bring the stories to life.

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