Meena Shukla Adventures in Turmali vol. 1 (5 stories) Read all about Meena Shukla a young girl from New Delhi in India and how she becomes a Light Saver.

In these first 5 stories about Meena Shukla form New Delhi, the capital city of India, you will learn all about Meena and her family, her lifestyle and detals about family life in India. While helping out at a shelter for homeless street children, Meena persudes her Mother, a Doctor to help to save the life of a poorly young girl. A thank you gift given to Meena turns out to have magical powers that take Meena on a series of adventures to the world of Turmali. This wonderful world has been invaded by aliens, who have set out to destroy this land and leave it in darkness. Read how Meena becomes determined to help the local peole in thier fight against the invaders.

The first 5 Meena stories are told in 299 pages and the 45 full colour illustrations really bring the stories and characters to life.