How it all began (Signed First Limited Edition. Hardback cover version.) only 150 copies. Introduces you to the world of Turmali, the Light Savers and the hated Light Killers.

The mystical world of Turmali has been invaded by alien invaders who have set about stealing away the Tourmaline gemstones that provide power to the Rainbows. The peole of Turmali can no longer travel across the Rainbow Bridges that connect the 7 lands together. Their world becomes dark and unpleasant. See how 12 children from different countries on Earth travel to Turmali, and with the help of a quirky robot, help the people of this world in their quest to repel the alien invaders.

120 pages and 14 colour illustrations bring the whole storyline to life.

Limited Edition signed by the author.  SOLD OUT