Emma King Adventures in Turmali volume 1 (5 stories.) Read how Emma from London England becomes a Light Saver and about her adventures in Turmali as she tries to defeat the invading Light Killers.

Emma King lives in Chelsea, in the city of London England. In this book of the first 5 Emma King stories you will find how Emma bacomes a Light Saver, and about her exciting adventures to the seven lands that make up the magical world of Turmali. In these stories Emma meets other Light Saver characters as they try to help the people of Turmali rid their world of the invading Light Killers. The seven lands of Turmali are connected by Rainbow Bridges, which are powered by Tourmaline gemstones. The invaders have stolen the Tourmalines and the Rainbow Bridges have disappeared leaving the people isloated and the lands dark and dreary. See if Emma and her Light Saver friends can achieve their aim.

With 313 pages and 45 colour illustrations these 5 stories are brought to life and made even more exciting.