Our aim is to excite and inspire children with the stories they will discover here, and to encourage them to become avid readers. Turmali and The Light Savers series of books helps to teach everyone, no matter what age, race, religion sex or nationality, that we are all the same, and it is our differences that make our world a fascinating and remarkable place to live.

Mike Gaunt

Turmali and the Light Savers is the brainchild of Mike Gaunt, our founder and Chief Executive Officer. During his time as Head of Global Education Markets for an international technology corporation, Mike met many teachers and their students on his numerous trips around the world. One question was always uppermost in the students’ minds: “What do children do in your country?” That question has been the inspiration for this series of interconnected stories.

The Light Savers are 12 children from various countries around the globe, with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, who are transported to the mystical world of Turmali to help the inhabitants fend off alien invaders.

Each of the Light Savers has many adventures in the seven lands of Turmali. They learn about the similarities between Earth’s continents and Turmali’s floating lands, and the damage that is being done to these lands by the greedy and ruthless aliens.

Patricia Sumner

In all, there are 132 adventure stories in the Turmali and the Light Savers series, compiled into 28 books. The stories have been written by a group of talented and enthusiastic writers from a variety of countries. Led by Patricia Sumner, (Cilan Proofing) our lead writer and editor, all of our writing team have researched and developed their characters and made them extremely believable.

Our Artists

Freelance graphic artists and illustrators, have created an incredible library of artwork and illustrations comprising more than 5,000 pieces of art.

There is a wealth of creativity in the Turmali and the Light Savers series for all children to enjoy.

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