Abigail Turner

Abigail lives in Lantana Florida USA. She enjoys spending time with her friend Carlos Ramirez and she loves being a cheerleader. On a journey home on the school bus Abigail and Carlos save the life of their bus driver. The grateful bus driver gives Abigail a Tourmaline gemstone as a thank you gift. Abigail soon finds that the Tourmaline gemstone has magical powers as she finds herself transported to the magical world of Turmali. This first volume of 5 stories about Abigail Turner tells you how she became a Light Saver and about her many adventures in the world of Turmali, helping the inhabitants to fend off the alien invaders, who are determined to destroy this wonderful world.

This book has 5 Abigail stories and 280 pages with 45 pages illustrated in full colour.

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