The Storyline:

The World of Turmali has been invaded by Aliens who have set out to destroy the Rainbow Bridges and leave the seven lands isolated and dark.

Will the 12 Light Saver characters from Earth and their robot friend help the Turmali people defeat the Alien invaders? (If you read the books you will find out.)

Read the first book in the series, ‘How it all began’ you will then be able to choose any of the other books in the series and understand the Turmali storyline.


Our Books

By producing exciting adventure stories in short, manageable chapters our aim is to encourage children to become passionate and avid readers who learn about the world and other cultures through these well-researched stories.

Our multi-national Light Savers promote an ethos of diversity and inclusivity.

The twelve children must problem-solve, grow in confidence, show determination and make important decisions in order to achieve their aims.

The stories include a multitude of interesting topics to keep readers engaged and informed.

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Our Mission

Our aim is to excite and inspire children with the stories they will discover here, and to encourage them to become avid readers. Turmali and The Light Savers series of books helps to teach everyone, no matter what age, race, religion sex or nationality, that we are all the same, and it is our differences that make our world a fascinating and remarkable place to live.

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