We are The Light Savers.


The World of Turmali has been invaded by Aliens who have set out to destroy the Rainbow Bridges and leave the seven lands isolated and dark. Will the 12 Light Saver characters from Earth and their robot friend help the Turmali people defeat the Alien invaders? If you read the books you will find out.


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Play the Turmali Game and win credits and even free books.

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By producing exciting stories in short, manageable chapters our aim is to encourage children to become passionate and avid readers who learn about the world and other cultures through these well-researched stories. Our multi-national Light Savers promote an ethos of diversity and inclusivity. The twelve children must problem-solve, grow in confidence, show determination and make important decisions in order to achieve their aims. The stories include a multitude of interesting topics to keep readers engaged and informed.

Go to the Books section of the website to see details of all available Print Books.

We have a total of 132 stories in our fantasy book series and each one will be downloadable as individual e-Books. With 24 e-Books currently available we will be adding more each month. Go to the Books section and select e-Books.

All our Children's books are beautifully illustrated bringing the adventures and characters to life for every reader. 


There are 121 Cards to Collect in our 'Collector Card Series', full sets of the cards are available to purchase on the website. Small random card packs are also available, making them an exciting and interesting option. All the Collector Cards have connections to the Lands, Characters and Images found in the Turmali and The Light Savers books. Full sets of the cards can be used to play any traditional card game, we have also created some special Card Games just to be played with our cards. Full details are available with every set of cards purchased. You can see all 121 cards by clicking the 'view all' button below.